The world of gourmet coffee and tea is continually growing and expanding, customers are always looking for the next best thing from brands that are unafraid of delving into new, creative realms. The Original Chronic Coffee and Tea Company has made a signature statement with our own coffee and tea blend.  Our unique blends of coffee and tea are an easy and affordable way to relax, unwind, while at the same time maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Our coffee is a medium roast single-origin Colombian. Our coffee is “gourmet” in that it has a specialty coffee association score of 80 and above. This means that it has been tasted and approved by the SCA as a “top shelf” “gourmet” coffee. We only use the best! In a similar manner, our tea has been an important beverage for thousands of years and has been a huge part of culture in countries around the world. The Original Chronic Coffee and Tea Company tea isn’t just appreciated for its good taste, but now for its expanded health benefits in combination with CBD.